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Post, Share, Engage: How Researchers Can Use Social Media to ...

As a researcher, you are aware of the massive role that communication plays in the process that finally sends your paper flying out into the world.

New age societies: from published research to public outreach

Academic societies are at the heart of research publishing with aims to further enhance the direction of their disciplines while supporting researchers
Research stories

Five pieces of Star Wars-inspired everyday tech that I thought ...

It’s pretty hard to imagine a world without Star Wars. There are quite a few successful movie franchises out there, but few can boast of having as profound
New Media

How to use video summaries to increase the impact of ...

This third post in the series on visual science communication talks about how video summaries help authors tell the story of their research in a way that it can be easily assimilated by scientific and non-scientific audiences alike.
New Media

Use animation to breathe life into scientific figures

This post talks about animated scientific figures and explains how they help you increase readers’ interest in the static figures