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Make the Best of This New Virtual World with Virtual Posters

In this past year, the world has lived almost exclusively online. Stuck at home, unable to see colleagues, prevented from commuting to work, all our work lives been affected directly or indirectly by the pandemic. Analysts predict that the work culture will probably never be the same, and that the return to our old ways is not going to happen immediately.

And yet, we have adapted, and how! With the rising popularity of the work-from-home, apps, software, and technology that make the telecommute life easier have also gained footing. Even in academia, the work, socializing, and networking of researchers has been reshaped to adapt. Work, life, and your research must go on.

Research Dissemination in the Pre-pandemic Era

As any academic would know, research isn’t truly complete if it isn’t disseminated. You’ve answered your hypotheses and found the solution to the most pressing questions in your field, but until the world knows about what you’ve found, there are very small chances that your work will grow organically.

Now, in the ancient (read pre-pandemic) days, the age-old tradition of networking, and specifically, research posters, were the solution to this dilemma.

A research poster is a widely used format of research sharing in the academic community; most research conferences are sprinkled with academics explaining their research printed on posters in a clear and succinct format. The poster summarizes research information in a concise and attractive visual layout to attract and engage audience, and to generate discussions.

As a researcher, you probably have faint memories of attending conferences and presenting your research printed on towering vinyl posters to other experts and enthusiasts, and kickstarting conversations that lead to ideas and collaborations that guide you to take the next step. How do you get the same benefits and experiences now? As with most other dilemmas, the technology has a solution for this as well. Through internet, most conferences are now moving online.

So what better way to tell share your research, than through virtual posters?

Bringing Your Research Online

Virtual posters are the best of both worlds: they have the details and attractive layout of a traditional research poster, the widely recognized format used in the academic community to communicate the research in a digestible format, and a dissemination-friendly format for ease of access and sharing. You can build your own virtual poster using any software as simple as PowerPoint or as detail rich as Adobe Suite.

Virtual Posters and their Benefits

A virtual poster combines all the key highlights of your paper under one banner, to give the audience a quick overview in a fun and interesting way; an academic paper on the benefits of compassion-based interventions has been depicted creatively in this poster, while retaining the essence of the study.
Virtual posters can be formal too; this poster for a study on acute pancreatitis in liver transplant recipients tells the story of the research in a clean, professional, and comprehensive manner.
  •  All important information is understandable at a glance.
  •  The poster leads with an attractive and catchy title to draw your audience’s attention.
  • The textual content is kept to a minimum; imagery and visual elements dominate the scene and are used effectively to tell the complete story.
  • As a bonus, a QR code redirects the reader to a webpage or your paper with further information about research findings or data sets.

But these posters aren’t limited to your conferences! These indispensable research dissemination assets can be shared on social media for promoting and further disseminating your research, for all your colleagues who couldn’t make it to the conference, and for the perusal of members of the general public who take an interest in your field. You can also use them to display your research on your website as an attractive visual alternative to just listing the citation of your paper.

The vaccine, and a potential end to the pandemic, is on the horizon, but for all intents and purposes, the culture has irreversibly shifted. Remote working culture is likely to continue for the unforeseen future. Your research is ready for the world, and you don’t need to hold it back any longer!

At Impact Science, we assist researchers with the creation of customized research communication solutions for your conference needs. Reach out to see how our virtual conference solutions can help you today!


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