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Building sustainable peer review processes to foster research integrity

Peer Review Week 2022 (Sep 19-23), powered by Editage and Researcher.Life, was bigger than ever with exciting discussions with KOLs in academia and the scholarly publishing community. This year’s Peer Review Week theme, Research Integrity: Creating and Supporting Trust in Research, was chosen from a global open poll. The popularity of the issue underscores the need for the scholarly community to address it in depth. CACTUS has been involved with Peer Review Week since the beginning. However, Peer Review Week 2022 was more special as CACTUS co-chaired the event, shedding light on the crucial role of peer review in upholding research integrity.

To celebrate Peer Review Week 2022, a special episode of the All Things SciComm podcast hosted Jigisha Patel, an independent research integrity consultant and a former journal editor. Co-hosts Nikesh Gosalia, Senior Vice President, Global Academic and Publisher Relations at CACTUS, and Jayashree Rajagopalan, Author Community Lead at CACTUS and co-chair of the Peer Review Week committee, delved into the persisting “publish or perish” culture in academia, the importance of peer review in upholding research integrity, and how those in the research community can play a role in ensuring publication of credible research.

Jigisha Patel discusses her views on research integrity problems encountered in scholarly publishing, and viable solutions and collective efforts taken by the academic community to prevent them. Tune in here as the speakers share their insights and more.

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