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Research stories

Earth’s Hottest January on Record, Can Ebola Virus Eliminate Brain ...

Philosophers and scientists have various definitions of human consciousness, but neurobiologists generally agree that it is a
New Media

Newer content formats have the potential to redefine both discoverability ...

This post is the second in a series that talks about research discoverability. The first was on how research discoverability could potentially
Research stories

The Science of Fried Rice, Mysterious New Giant Virus, and ...

In a recent study scientists have answered an all-important question that can change lives: how to make the best fried rice.
Research stories

The best espresso, CRISPR therapy for cancer, social media vs. ...

It appears, from a new study, that commercial coffee makers have not been getting the best advice, when it comes to the recipe

New age societies: from published research to public outreach

Academic societies are at the heart of research publishing with aims to further enhance the direction of their disciplines while supporting researchers